Paper space (Layout)

In paper space you assemble your construction work done in model space to the form as you will print or plot it. In paper space you create viewports to the model space, you can also add headings, text, a drawing title block, a drawing frame and so on.

The paper space is separated from the model space by the common DXF entity attribute paper_space. If this attribute is '0' the entity is placed in model space, if the attribute is '1', the entity is placed in paper space.


In the DXF R12 format exists only one paper space.

How to add entities to paper space?

Use the add() method of the Drawing attribute paperspace to add entities to the paper space:


or just set the paper_space attribute of the DXF entity, and use the normal add() method of the Drawing object:

line = DXFEngine.line((0,0), (1,1), paper_space=1)

Model space and paper space units

I always use the same units for model space and paper space, and because I am not an experienced AutoCAD user, I don’t know if it is possible to choose different units in model space and paper space. For example: in model space 1 drawing unit = 1 meter, the paper space units are also in meters, so the paper space area of the DIN A0 paper format is 1.189 x 0.841 (meter/drawing units).