A polyline is a single object that consists of one or (more usefully) multiple linear segments. You can create open or closed regular or irregular polylines.

POLYMESH and POLYFACE are also POLYLINE objects.

Polylines are always 3D-polylines, 2D-polylines are not directly supported, but you can modify the created polylines by clearing the flag POLYLINE_3D_POLYLINE to get a 2D polyline.

DXFEngine.polyline(points=[], **kwargs)
  • points – list of points, 2D or 3D points, z-value of 2D points is 0.
  • polyline_elevation – polyline elevation (xyz-tuple), z-axis supplies elevation, x- and y-axis has to be 0.)
  • flags (int) – polyline flags, bit-coded, default=0
  • startwidth (float) – default starting width, default=0
  • endwidth (float) – default ending width, default=0
  • mcount (int) – polygon mesh M vertex count, default=0
  • ncount (int) – polygon mesh N vertex count, default=0
  • msmooth_density (int) – (if flags-bit POLYLINE_3D_POLYMESH is set) smooth surface M density, default=0
  • nsmooth_density (int) – (if flags-bit POLYLINE_3D_POLYMESH is set) smooth surface N density, default=0 same values as msmooth_density
  • smooth_surface (int) – curves and smooth surface type, default=0 ??? see dxf-documentation

Common Keyword Arguments for all Basic DXF R12 Entities

keyword description
layer Layer name as string
linetype Linetype name as string, if not defined = BYLAYER
color as integer in range [1..255], 0 = BYBLOCK, 256 = BYLAYER
thickness Thickness as float
paper_space 0 = entity is in model_space, 1 = entity is in paper_space
extrusion_direction 3D Point as tuple(x, y, z) if extrusion direction is not parallel to the World Z axis


Flag Description
POLYLINE_CLOSED This is a closed Polyline (or a polygon mesh closed in the M direction)
POLYLINE_CURVE_FIT_VERTICES_ADDED Curve-fit vertices have been added
POLYLINE_SPLINE_FIT_VERTICES_ADDED Spline-fit vertices have been added
POLYLINE_3D_POLYLINE This is a 3D Polyline
POLYLINE_3D_POLYMESH This is a 3D polygon mesh
POLYLINE_MESH_CLOSED_N_DIRECTION The polygon mesh is closed in the N direction
POLYLINE_POLYFACE_MESH This Polyline is a polyface mesh
POLYLINE_GENERATE_LINETYPE_PATTERN The linetype pattern is generated continuously around the vertices of this Polyline

Smooth Density Flags

Flag Description
POLYMESH_NO_SMOOTH no smooth surface fitted
POLYMESH_QUADRIC_BSPLINE quadratic B-spline surface
POLYMESH_CUBIC_BSPLINE cubic B-spline surface


Polyline.add_vertex(point, **kwargs)

Add a point to polyline.

Parameters:point – is a 2D or 3D point, z-value of a 2D point is 0.

Add multiple points.

Parameters:points – list of points, 2D or 3D points, z-value of 2D points is 0.

Close Polyline: first vertex is connected with last vertex.

Parameters:status (bool) – True close polyline; False open polyline


from dxfwrite import DXFEngine as dxf

polyline= dxf.polyline(linetype='DOT')
polyline.add_vertices( [(0,20), (3,20), (6,23), (9,23)] )