Type: Basic DXF R12 entity.

A point simply marks a coordinate. Points are generally used for reference.

DXFEngine.point(point=(0., 0.), **kwargs)
  • point – start point (xy- or xyz-tuple)
  • orientation – a 3D vector (xyz-tuple), orientation of PDMODE images ... see dxf documentation

Common Keyword Arguments for all Basic DXF R12 Entities

keyword description
layer Layer name as string
linetype Linetype name as string, if not defined = BYLAYER
color as integer in range [1..255], 0 = BYBLOCK, 256 = BYLAYER
thickness Thickness as float
paper_space 0 = entity is in model_space, 1 = entity is in paper_space
extrusion_direction 3D Point as tuple(x, y, z) if extrusion direction is not parallel to the World Z axis

Attribs of DXF entities can be changed by the index operator:

from dxfwrite import DXFEngine as dxf

drawing = dxf.drawing('drawing.dxf')
point = dxf.point((1.0, 1.0))
point['layer'] = 'points'
point['color'] = 7
point['point'] = (2, 3) # int or float